2017 08 06: The Transfiguration

Though God sees each nook and cranny of our hearts, our minds, and our lives, he does not look away in disgust or shame, he looks beyond our messes and our wounds and he looks with love and compassion into the deepest part of ourselves. In our great neediness, God heals.

More than just reaching down, or reaching out, or touching to heal us, more than being a sort of doctor who binds up wounds and then sends us on our way, or a famous orator who gives an inspiring talk and then leaves us in our tracks, God desires a two-way street with us. God not only knows everything about us, we are not just open books to God, but in the Transfiguration, God shows that he wants us to know him, too.


2017 07 02: The Same Question

"So, the truth, my friends, is that there is no other way. The tempter, that voice that’s sometimes in our heads and sometimes on our television screens and sometimes coming out of the mouths even of our friends and loved ones, is telling us a lie. Busyness or accomplishment does not bring hope or life or peace or a future. Addiction to alcohol or things that we see on screens or shopping or money or prestige does not provide security or help us to sleep at night. Not really. The God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, the God of Eve, he really does have our best interests at heart, he really does provide us hope and future, he really does love us and give us the very best. Yahweh really is the Lord of light."