2016 09 04 Instructed Eucharist

In this service, rather than a traditional sermon, Father Paul Wheatley leads an "Instructed Eucharist," pausing at points within the Eucharistic liturgy to explain the ceremonies and the meaning of what is coming next. The breaks between sections come in the recording without much announcement, other than the shuffling sound of papers as Fr. Paul reached to pause his recorder. The section breaks are as follows:

Before the Beginning of the Service: Theme and Vesting Prayers

Before the Ministry of the Word: Called to be the People of God

Before the Gospel: Mtr. Emily explains the symbolism of the Gospel Procession

Sermon: Fr. Paul explains the Eucharistic offering in light of St. Paul's letter to Philemon

Before the Offertory: Our Eucharistic offering

Before the Eucharistic Prayers: Jesus' Last Supper, Liturgical Time, and the Cross - One Whole Offering

Before the Dismissal: The church service is over; our true service has just begun.