2017 10 29: The Long View

So in the end, the death of Moses is less about the injustice of him never stepping foot in the Promised Land, it is less about him being robbed of the honor he deserved, it is less about the loss of this great galvanizing leader of the Israelites, and it is more about Moses’ whole life being oriented toward God’s mission to bring his people to the land flowing with milk and honey, more about God being honored and revealed in the shape of a human life, about God providing the strength for leading and the wisdom for fulfilling a call. It is all about God, who we have come to know in Jesus Christ, being the leader and lawgiver, the focus and fulfillment, the beginning and the end, of our lives.

We learn from Moses and from Jesus this morning that it is not up to us. We are never the savior or the redeemer or the deliver, even great old prophet Moses never was. Even our Mommas who seemed to hold our families together, even our grandfathers who taught us responsibility and hard work and the value of a dollar -- it has never been up to them, it has never been up to us. We can’t make it on our own, we are not our only hope, we are not the authors of our own fate or the makers of our dreams.