2017 11 12: Does Love Conquer All?

It seems like we’re headed here for the same Russian tragedy that is covered in that Turkish television show. It seems like Joshua was right, “this is never going to work out.” It seems like all the fashionable television critics and movie reviewers are right — brokenness and tragedy and hopelessness is just reality. It’s just what life is like. It’s all we’ve got to look forward to, so we might as well get used to it. We might as well grab our bits of happiness as we can, whether it’s in booze or in free love or in luxury goods. Whether it’s in forgetting our families for a few hours or burying our addictions in oblivion, whether it’s in being devoted to our own causes or in defeating our political enemies. Let’s do what we can while we can, for tomorrow we break down and die.

Praise God, my brothers and sisters, that this not the Gospel. This is not the truth of the world as God sees and proclaims it. This is not reality. This is not real life. Brokenness is not the final word. Hopelessness and scrambling for happiness are not our fate.