2017 09 24: Stuck

I wonder how we ourselves might long for the past, or dwell on the way things have always been, or cling to the things that we know, rather than letting our God lead us into the wilderness, rather than trusting that the devil we know is indeed worse than the God that we don’t. Of course, we do know this God. He is I AM WHO I AM, he is YAHWEH, he is Jesus.

And so, the most important thing that I want to say about where we find the Israelites this morning, and indeed, where we ourselves are this morning, too, is that the most important thing has already been done. This is not a sermon, nor is Christianity a religion, that’s about achievement. We’re not striving to accomplish some particular work, or to earn some kind of favor, or to develop this or that virtue. The work is done, my friends. God in Jesus Christ accomplished it all on the cross. God in Jesus Christ freed us from oppression, took us up out of slavery, and opened his arms to all humanity as he died on the cross and was then raised in victory over death.