2017 09 03: No Ordinary Flame

I had to turn aside and look at this great sight, and see why these people who had lost everything were not burned up, where this living flame of fire and faith and hope in the midst of many waters had come from.  The woman dressed in white kept singing.  As she sang I thought of a black woman from Fort Worth I’d met only a few days before at a church meeting, who had told us that after Charlottesville she had been asking people from church to give her rides to and from work, because every time she got behind the drivers’ seat she would be overcome with worry about what might happen to her out by herself.  I thought of that as I listened to the woman dressed in white who had lost everything sing out with joy and hope and power: Glory!  Lord Jesus!  Send revival!  We want to see your kingdom here!  I wondered: Where did this fire come from?  How does it keep on burning?  How does it still burn after being covered over by many waters?