2018 02 11: I Will Never Leave You

Finally, Elijah is called to the Jordan River. He’s been moving back through the whole history of the relationship between God and his people in this sacred land. He’s been watching his life flash before him, in a way. Of course, Elijah himself wasn’t there for the battle of Jericho or the wrestling with the angel, or the first crossing of the Jordan at Gilgal, but Elijah’s life is so wrapped up in the life of the people he serves, so intertwined in the story of the Israelites, that their story IS his story. So on this last day of his time on earth, he walks himself back through all these stages and promises and miracles, all these times that God has shown up for his people in staggering and undeniable ways. And Elisha wants to drink all that in. Elisha wants that life, too. Elisha wants to know the story of Israel and of God in his bones. Elisha wants to follow wherever God leads and to lead God’s people wherever they’re supposed to go.