2018 04 01: Only a Fool Would Believe a Woman's Testimony

“Do not cling to me,” Jesus tells Mary Magdalene; “things are not as they were. This wasn’t just a bad dream from which you’ve awoken and which you can just forget and move on. Things will never be the same again. A real change has taken place. God our Father has overcome sin, death, and the devil, and he’s done it through flesh and blood, he’s made the new kingdom to be here and now. The old world, where women are not believed, where the poor get short shrift, where there are slaves and masters, where there are abusers and the abused, where there are addictions and pride and cancer and fear -- this old world is dying. I AM alive. I AM the first sign and I AM the promise of this new way of life, this new reality that is taking over. I AM here and now. I AM the future. Mary -- go and tell our brothers and sisters this Good News.”