2018 05 27: The Power of Love

You could see the surprise on the faces of people in old St. George’s Chapel that day—people with little thought bubbles above their heads that said, “I had no idea that Christianity could be like this!”  Maybe they had never seen the Good News of Jesus preached with such joy and passion.  Maybe it had been a long time since they had allowed themselves to hope for a world transformed by love, had allowed themselves to be carried away by a joyful vision of a new world, had allowed themselves to believe that there is a balm in Gilead that can make the wounded whole.  Maybe they allowed themselves to wonder, for the first time in a long while, whether it might actually be true that the power of love that can bring races and peoples together from across an ocean and carry the mystery of life across generations is the same power that created the world itself, the same power that we name Almighty God, the power that was alive in Jesus of Nazareth and lives still today.