2018 09 23: David: Living with the Powerful Presence of God

Today, we get three pictures of David. First his crowning as king: David unites a collection of divided tribes under one kingdom. Second, David leads a procession to bring the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem, where it would reside until Jerusalem was destroyed and taken into exile centuries later. David reigns with the staggeringly powerful presence of God at the center of his kingdom. This will be our primary focus today.

But the third image we see in our Psalm, where we hear from David, fresh off his sin of adultery with Bathsheeba, and his murder of her husband Uriah. There we hear how God’s mercy and steadfast love are the foundation of David’s audacious boldness to seek God’s forgiveness and beg for God’s covenant faithfulness to remain with him even after such blatant and public failure.