2019 01 27: Jesus Came for the Messes

So here’s the rub. It looks awfully clean around here. Out in the world, we’re told all week long to cover up our messes, to hide our shame in the dark, to paint over our struggles and to minimize our pain. Brothers and sisters, we’ve brought some of that in here. Here into this sacred space where God opens his arms wide on the cross -- can you think of a bigger mess? -- we sometimes bring that lie which says that we can only be loved and accepted if we cover up our messes.

Adam and Eve covered up their mess with fig leaves. We cover up our messes with glossing over and cheerfulness and keeping the closet doors closed and using mirrors to shift shadows around so that other people don’t see any mess. I’m not saying that you need to regurgitate your whole sordid history to the person in the pew next to you; I am saying that we need, humans need, God longs for us to enjoy, truth and transparency.