2019 09 29: My Song is Love Unknown

What did Ruth stand to gain from leaving her home and following Naomi to a strange place where they’d have nothing?  What did Boaz have to gain from buying a farm and giving it away, and from marrying a Moabite nobody with less than nothing?  

In the selfish kind of calculation that the world calls common sense, nothing, zip, nada.But there’s another kind of love at work behind the scenes in this story than the common-sensical kind the world knows.It’s a love that sees what others don’t see.It’s a love that doesn’t look for gain or extract a pound of flesh for every injustice.It’s full of grace.It’s patient and kind, not irritable or resentful.It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.It’s a love that never ends.It’s a love that creates new loveliness in the world, and brings new life into the valley of the shadow of death.It’s the love that lives in the heart of God, the passionate love that God has for you and for me by which we are born again; Christ’s passion that brings us back to life