2019 03 03: The Glory of the Lord

We can call this glory because God in Christ walked the way of the cross and found in it not an end, not defeat, but instead walked through it to the joy of Easter morning.  If there were no Easter morning victory then again: Peter would be right.  It would be better to avoid the pain and the suffering that comes along with loving our enemies, and seeking reconciliation with people who have done us wrong and frankly don’t deserve it.  Isn’t that what Peter said?  “Forget them!  They don’t care about you; they want to kill you!  Tell them off and leave them alone.  If you try to love them you’ll just wind up getting hurt.”

If Jesus were not raised from the dead, that would make a whole lot of sense.  It’s easier all things considered to just give up on people…

But that’s not what Jesus did to us.  He could have stayed up on that mountain.  He didn’t have to go to Jerusalem and suffer and die at our hands.  He could have stayed up there and waited for us to come to him, and to hell with everyone else.  But that’s not what he did.  He went down from the mountain.  He went to the cross.  He came to us.  And that’s where he revealed his glory.