2019 04 14: Palm Sunday

Throughout Lent we are called to examine, to look honestly at our lives and habits, to offer to God’s judgement our ways of relationship and our rhythms of life. This week it all comes to a head, and rather than sit at home in our little prayer closets, we’re called this week to join as a community in our examination, in our looking honestly together at ourselves and our lives.

The parade of Holy Week, beginning out in the courtyard as we did this morning, continues on Thursday as we imagine that we are invited into the upper room where Jesus feasts with his disciples and then to the garden where he brings his closest companions to pray. On Friday we journey with Jesus to the cross and to the site of his death, to face what our sins do to those whom we love, to those who are innocent of evil, to those who do not deserve suffering and death at our hands. On Saturday night, we join Jesus’s path out of death, we gather again in the courtyard, in a garden, to sing and pray around the new fire that God gives in the resurrection of his Son. We will read of God’s path, walking with His people, throughout the Old Testament, we will baptize a child into the new life of Jesus Christ, and we will celebrate the first feast, the first Eucharist of Easter and of the resurrection.