2019 05 19: What is Worship For?

Worship does make us happier and more fulfilled and it should make us better and more moral, but worship isn’t primarily about any human purpose or earthly benefit.  Worship is about God.  We worship God for no other reason than that God is to be worshipped.  We lift up our hearts because it is right and meet so to do.  In worship we declare the worth-ship of God.  We give God glory and honor because of who he is: the almighty and eternal God, dwelling from before time and forever, Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, Lord of lords, source of life and light, the lovely God of love, Beautiful Savior, giver of all good gifts, God of amazing grace.  If we saw even for an instant just a fraction of the reality of God, we would fall down in awe and fear and thanksgiving, and then leap to our feet with joy, lost in wonder, love, and praise.