2019 06 16: Forever and Ever Amen

God isn’t so high and lifted up that he can’t be bothered by us, except maybe to give us fifteen minutes of his day.  God glorified himself in his Son, Jesus Christ, a poor Jewish handyman with no power except the truth.  Just like the one God in three persons gave himself to himself in a perfect dance of love and glory, God gave himself to his children in Jesus Christ, and poured his entire life out for us when he was lifted up high on the cross.  The glory of God is no distant, abstract majesty.  The glory of God looks like a love so strong that it shows up on the streets of the downtrodden and the forgotten, down among the prodigal sons, the sinners, the tax collectors, the prostitutes, and gets all mixed up with their hurts and their needs and their problems because they’re his sons, his daughters, and as long as their hearts hurt then the heart of God hurts too.