2019 06 23: Deliver Us From Evil

That leads me to the second reason we need the Bible’s teaching about evil, which is that no matter how comfortable we may feel, we all need deliverance in one way or another.  We misread this story if we think that it’s about someone else, one of those hard cases whom no one knows what to do with.  No: this story is about us.  Whether we’re too proud to admit it or not, you and I are like the man in the tombs too.  The prayer book says that “we have no power in ourselves to help ourselves.”  Growth in the Christian life, the ordinary season of growth that we’ve just started, is not primarily a matter of good advice and good habits and getting our acts together.  We misunderstand this season if we think that everything that we celebrated just past, from Advent to Pentecost, is the season of what God did for us, and now it’s the season for us to show what we’ll do for God.  No: before we grow, we have to be delivered from evil powers that are beyond our power to control.  We have no power in ourselves to help ourselves, until God sets us free to come to our senses and come back to life again.