2019 08 18: Not Peace but a Sword

When the next test comes for you—and it may very well come as soon as Sunday brunch after church—ask yourself two questions first.  Will my response to this injustice or wrong put me in some way at risk?  Is it costly for me; does it make me vulnerable?  If it doesn’t, then you may well be choosing the path of the easy surface-level peace that papers over injustice instead of confronting it when the time comes.  Second, can my response contribute to a pathway toward reconciliation?  Am I truly acting in love toward my friend or family member who’s done me wrong, or in love for my enemy?  Or am I just seeking to defend myself, to signal how righteous and superior I am, and to land a good hard counter-punch at someone who’s attacked me? 

If the answer to either question is yes, then it may not be the way of Christ.He’s given us the ministry of reconciliation, and it will always mean walking the way of the Cross.