2019 09 08: My Name is Bitter

What does it say about God that this story is in the Bible? It’s not a story about yet another great and powerful man—instead it zeroes in on two poor women and their hopes and troubles. It’s not even primarily about an Israelite—it’s about an immigrant, a foreigner, an outsider who comes to Israel with nothing and winds up becoming the great-grandmother of Israel’s greatest king. Just the fact that this story exists is remarkable. These are not the kinds of stories that normally got written down and passed down in the ancient world. The fact that this story is in the Bible must mean that God cares about people like Ruth and Naomi, the widows, the foreigners, the poor and the hopeless. God sees them; their struggles matter to him; his will is for their redemption, to bring them into his people and give them a future and a hope.