FAQs on the beginning of a search for a new Vicar

1) Who will be our interim during the search for a new vicar?

Mother Emily Hylden will serve as our interim vicar. The Rev. Jordan Hylden will serve at St. Augustine’s during July and August in his capacity as a priest from the Diocese while the vestry conducts a search.


2) Can we call Mother Emily to be our new vicar?

No, because Mother Emily is serving as our interim vicar, she is not eligible to be called as the new vicar. There are multiple reasons why our diocese and most of the Episcopal church does not promote from within the same parish.


3) What will the search look like?

Since St. Augustine’s is a mission and not a parish, we do not have the same latitude as a parish. The Vestry has voted to follow the suggestions of the Diocese to consider a short roster of names of priests who would be well suited to minister at St. Augustine’s. Instead of taking eighteen months to two years in the call process vetting over a hundred applicants, our search process will be brief, possibly three to four months. The search will not commence until sometime in July, after we receive the names of nominees from the Diocese.


4) Since we are a mission, doesn’t the Bishop decide who our next Vicar is?

The Bishop does have the power and canonically the final say in who our next Vicar is at St Augustine’s. The Diocese recognizes that we are a strong and unique mission, with an able bodied and minded Vestry and stable finances, well on our way to gaining Parish status. The Bishop believes that St Augustine’s should be the voice to choose who leads the mission into the next phase of our growth. The Diocese has expressed their full sup- port of the Search Committee.


5) Will we have a party or reception to say goodbye to the Wheatley family?

Yes, a planning committee has been formed for the celebration. Details will follow in the Newsletter as soon as the appropriate decisions have been made.


6) Who will be on the Search Committee?

The Vestry (Bishop’s Committee) will serve as the search committee. One lay person (a parishioner not on the Vestry) will serve as the Search Committee Chair.


7) How will we know when events are occurring?

The Vestry will communicate updates to the congregation on a weekly basis after the search begins in July, both electronically and by mail. To respect the confidentiality of the candidates and their families and to maintain the integrity of the search process, please understand that some details will not be shared outside of the search committee.


8) What will change around St Augustine’s during the search?

Besides missing the Wheatleys greatly, nothing at all will change. Mother Emily and Jordan will be hosting Large Group gatherings while small groups are on summer hiatus, we are continuing to expand our children’s program, and the church will continue to prepare for the fall semester Christian education classes and small groups.


9) What if I have a question during the search process after reading some of the communication?

The Vestry will work hard to keep the congregation updated on the search process through weekly communications, but encourages you to bring any and all questions not answered in the weekly updates to either a vestry member or the Lay Search Committee Chair. Some details of the process may have to remain confidential because of the personal nature of the vetting and hiring process, but the Vestry is happy to answer any questions they are able to.